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Reflect Your Organization

Unlike most event management sites, Arqam House puts your organization first by keeping the spotlight on you and your brand.

When people arrive at your event page they see what you want them to see.

Your logo, your images, your content.


See them live as they come

No. Order Date Status Name Payment Amount Recieved
1 April 21, 2018 Settled Khadija Khuwaylid Free Ticket Free
2 April 21, 2018 Refunded Abdullah Ibn Umar $ 90.00
3 April 21, 2018 Successful Maryam Imran $135.20
4 April 21, 2018 Failed Abdullah Ibn Ubay $35.00

As people start buying tickets to your events you'll see them in your dashboard. You can edit mistakes in their information, communicate further with them via email or text, issue refunds, or just get to know them better.

Track Sales

Live Graphical Sales Tracking

Graphs are a great visual aid to help with sales tracking and we put 'em everywhere.

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Email and Text

You can now directly send email campaigns and sms messages to your attendees right from your dashboard!

100% free for a limited time!

View Events Anywhere

Phones, tablets, and desktops, whatever the screen size your attendees will have no problem viewing your event page and buying your tickets.

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Know your Attendees

Demographic data provides you with an accurate representation of your attendees so you can tweak your marketing campaigns.


We made this easy. Oh, and cheap. free!

Free Event


Both you and attendees pay absolutely nothing to register for free events. Use all of our tools and apps for free.

Paid Event

$ 0.30 + 1.7%

Arqam House Fee


$ 0.30 + 3%

Payment Processing Fee

Per Ticket & capped at $5! No hidden fees, no contract, no set up costs, no monthly fees, and no termination fees.

Arqam House is free while we are in BETA!

Comparative Prices for a $50.00 Ticketed Event with 100 Orders.

Email Directly From The Backend

Want to shoot a quick email to an attendee? We built that right in.

SMS Messaging

If you accept phone numbers on checkout, you can send your attendees text messages for immediate contact.

PDF Tickets

Choose to send PDF Tickets to your attendees along with their confirmation Email.

Customize Event

It's your event so make it reflect your organization, we offer complete customization for your event. You can even write your own HTML code!

Anytime Payouts

No Need to wait for your event to finish to withdraw your money, get it anytime.


Something came up? No Problem. Refund an order in a few clicks.

100% Secure Checkouts

We use industry standard SSL encryption, nothing is stored on our servers and STRIPE handles all the payment processing.

Mobile Ready

Display your events beautifully on a mobile platform.

Mailchimp Integration

Love using Mailchmip? Transfer all your attendees with one click to stay in touch.